Spellbound / Burning Orchid: February 9

It’s double feature time! Two small short larps in a single day at Petone Community House. They have separate signup forms, so make sure you sign up for the right one(s):

Spellbound! (12 players) will run from 15:30 - 18:30. Signup form

The Stephens are the perfect American family. At least, that’s what Don needs his potential new client to believe, which is why he invited him to the family’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Unfortunately his mother-in-law will also be there, and she has a tendency to turn people into toads when they displease her…

Spellbound! is a comedy larp inspired by TV shows such as Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie.

Burning Orchid (10 players) will run from ~20:00 - 22:00. Signup form

Set in 1932 at the party celebrating the wrap of location filming for a Hollywood movie. Burning Orchid is an immense blockbuster, detailing the passionate heart of a claustrophobic forbidden love story set in the jungle villages of Guatemala against a background of a country riven by political turmoil. And that’s not just the movie! Glamorous cast, intense emotions, a steamy situation, secrets past and present – who knows what might happen, but fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Burning Orchid is a larp by Peaky Games. The theme is intensely emotional, centering on romance. It is not suitable for under-18s. Players need to be willing to play characters in romantic situations and with various sexualities, as all characters have romance.

Cost is $20 per game ($15 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members and first-time larpers). The profits from both games will be donated to NZLARPS.

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Character sheets for this have now been mailed out to everyone.