Southern Seas LARP at Buckets of Dice


This Larp is an alternate earth, victorianesque, horror. It is set in the third decade of King Fredrick’s reign, upon a ship heading towards Oceania. The characters featured are members of the ship’s crew and passengers from the third floor of the ship - refugees, adventure seekers, and academics from Eire, Alba, and Brittania. For more setting, see here.

Buckets of Dice is Christchurch’s annual RPG con. it will be happening July 10 - 12in the UCSA Building of the University of Canterbury. The LARP is scheduled for the Friday night at 7pm.


Any word on how this game went? I love the concept and it looks like it would have been heaps of fun. If anyone can tell me who the organiser was, I might approach them to run it at Chimera next year.

(I contemplated flying to Christchurch for it but it already clashed with both Knightshade and America’s Cup for me. Larping my way around New Zealand is going well, I’ve already done Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. Perhaps I can tick “Larped in Christchurch” off my list next year.)