Southern Mordavia


Jaw works very well actually, the electronics work beautifully and are very water resistant to book.

Can’t give away all my secrets now can I, after all that’s what gives me the edge :slight_smile:


The edge in what? The highly competitive and cutthroat world of NZ LARPing?




Dunno if this will work, the muffled sound is me holding the trigger in my mouth :laughing:

It doesn’t open all that far at the moment, there are ways around it, but I’m happy with it just being able to move, the servo will need to be downgraded though it’s got way too much grunt for the application.


Ha! Neat! Sounds kinda loud and conspicuous, but is it?


It’s loud, hence the comment on the downgrading the servo :slight_smile:


Last Update:

He’s 95% done, there is a patch of the head that needs to be remade due to the stretch of the gas mask. Today the air circulation system was finished and works wonderfully, the electronics spent 4 hours on the operating table being adjusted for better operation, his mouth now opens 25% more.

Anyhow pics and a movie:

Smiling Ogre

and the movie:

I may airbrush him a little bit to improve the look, and he’s due for a helmet of sorts.

Otherwise he’s done

  • Scottie


Rasker/Scottie… nice armour!

I was already considering making something like lorica segmentata myself in aluminium (1.5mm maybe), and I found this thread searching the web. (I’m not after something Roman for its own sake, just something cheap/easy that gives good coverage and is easy to fight in.)

So, from that “Question of Gear” poll thread:[quote=“Rasker”]If you were interested in building your own Lorica or Leather Armour I could produce templates that you could use[/quote]I would love to have such a template.

Any chance I could persuade you to give me one, given that I’m too far away to play the Southern Mordavia game? (The furthest I’ve travelled for roleplaying games is about a thousand mile round trip. I’m not so keen on the idea of multiplying that by twenty-something.)

How thick is the aluminium, by the way? And what tools are you working it with?