South Island branch and membership sale

Following an increase in membership numbers in the South Island and the success of Cerberus, the national committee has voted to formally establish a branch in the South Island. Practical issues mean it is expected to be centred on Dunedin, but it will cooperate closely with SAGA and assist with events in Christchurch. We’re currently working on arrangements to elect or recognise an interim committee.

In keeping with past practice we are also offering discounted membership to people in the new region (the entire South Island) to boost membership numbers. You can sign up for only $10 until July 31. After that you will have to pay the usual $20/$15 price.

Instructions on joining are here:

If you have any questions, please contact

Motions passed

  • 2017-3 (1 May 2017): That we offer $10 membership rates in the South Island until 31 July 2017.
    3 in favour (James, Naomi, Malcolm), 1 against (Phillip), 1 abstention (Brad).

  • 2017-4 (2 May 2017): That we form a regional branch in the South Island.
    3 in favour (James, Naomi, Malcolm), 1 abstention (Brad).

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@IdiotSavant at some point in the near future can we have a list (or can you publish a list, or… something - I’m not up with the privacy policy) of the NZLARPS members who would now be in the South Island region so we can gather them for a culling, uh, I mean to discuss the interim committee?

I’ll email you a list, though you do have admin access to the website so you can look yourself. Log in as, and request a password reset if necessary.