South Island AGM Announcement and Nominations **POSTPONED - NEW DATE** **CLOSED**


Kia ora koutou,

It’s that time of year again - time to complete our constitutional duties and hold our Annual General Meeting. As usual, NZLARPS National will hold their AGM, and we will hold our South Island branch AGM immediately following. The South Island branch covers (you guessed it) all potential members in any part of the South Island.

Due to the National financial statements being posted late, the National AGM has been postponed. New dates for both the South Island and National AGMs are below

The National AGM will be held on Wednesday 27 September 2023 at 7:30 PM. Due to constitutional timing, our South Island AGM will be held at 6:00 PM on Thursday 28 September 2023. There will be no physical gathering and the AGM will be hosted on Zoom. Voting will be held via email survey (though if you desperately want to vote in person on the day, you can).

Nominations for the South Island Regional Committee can be made either in the thread below, in the thread on the NZLARPS South Island facebook group or by emailing the secretary at Any nominations made via facebook or via email will be posted on the thread below for tracking purposes.

Due to our online voting system, there will be no nominations accepted from the floor. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday 19th September.

Every candidate for committee must be proposed and seconded by two members. The candidate does not need to be a current NZLARPS member at time of nomination but they must join by the AGM. If you’re unsure on the status of your membership, just let me (secretary) know :slight_smile:

The positions are:

Regional Director

Responsible for overall running of committee and society for the region. Promote the vision of the society, chair committee meetings, work for consensus in the committee. Attend meetings as regional representative of the society. Co-ordinate with other regional directors and Society President to ensure cooperation across the country in advancing the aims and visions of the society.

Regional Secretary

Keep all club correspondence in an organized fashion. Send letters as required. Send reminders of meetings to committee members. Take minutes at meetings and distribute to committee members. Communicate decisions made by committee to members.

Regional Treasurer

Responsible for society finances. Keep general ledger to track society expenditure and income. Pay all society accounts. Bank money received. Advise on availability of funds for projects and committee initiatives. Distribute budgets to project owners and receive repayments. Pass accounts to society accountant to be registered with the government. Present financial report of current position at committee meetings.

Regional Equipment Officer

Responsible for society-owned equipment. Organize for equipment to be stored, cleaned, repaired, and made available for project events. Keep records of where equipment is kept. Advise committee and project owners on what equipment is likely to be useful to current and future projects. Facilitate equipment workshops with project owners. Suggest equipment purchases. Report on state of equipment to committee.

Regional Marketing Officer

Identify online and offline communities. Devise strategies by which to promote larp games and events to these communities, with a view to recruiting new players into larping and potentially into joining nzLARPS. Coordinate marketing campaigns. Update the NZLARPS Auckland facebook page and any other social media.

Regional General Officer x 2

Can take up responsibilities as required.

Each position must be held by a separate individual.


Nomination Tracking Post

Regional Director: Ciarán Searle (nominated by Sally Hayes, seconded by Stu Stoddart, accepted)
Regional Secretary: Sally Hayes (nominated by Stu Stoddart, seconded by Matt Swain, accepted)
Regional Treasurer: Ben Heaps (nominated by Sally Hayes, seconded by Stu Stoddart, accepted)
Regional Marketing Officer: Stu Stoddart (nominated by Sally Hayes, seconded by Matt Swain, accepted)
Regional Gear Officer: Carla Bayard (nominated by Sally Hayes, seconded by Stu Stoddart)
General Exec (x2):

I’ll get the ball rolling:

I nominate @Ciaran as Regional Director, Stu as Regional Marketing Officer (@Jangalian? Is that you?), @Heapsie as Regional Treasurer (sorry), and @Carla as Regional Gear Officer


I second @Ciaran as Regional Director, @Heapsie as Regional Treasurer, and @Carla as Regional Gear Officer, and accept my nomination for Regional Marketing Officer (yes that’s me) pending it being seconded.

I also nominate @sarlytheplatypus for Regional Secretary.

I’ll second Sally as Secretary

Edit: And Stuart for Marketing Officer

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I’ll gladly accept the Nomination!


Ciarán here to accept my nomination!