South Island AGM 2020 Minutes

Kai ora everyone!

The minutes for the 2020 South Island Regional AGM can be found here

Results from the regional committee election:

Nominations are as follows:

  • Regional Director: Matt Swain (nominated, seconded, accepted)
  • Secretary: Jo East (nominated, seconded, declined)
  • Marketing: Stuart Stoddart (nominated, seconded, declined)
  • Treasurer: Edward Stutters (nominated, seconded, accepted)
  • Gear officer: Carla Bayard (nominated, seconded, accepted)
  • General committee: Matt Swain (nominated, seconded, accepted)

Results of elections:

  • Regional Director: Matt Swain
  • Secretary: Not Nominated
  • Marketing: Not Nominated
  • Treasurer: Edward Stutters
  • Gear Officer: Carla Bayard
  • General Officers: Matt Swain - declined as he is accepting the position of Regional Director.

The positions of Secretary and Marketing were not filled and an SGM will be organised shortly to fill the positions.

Thanks, everyone!

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/cue “Aw sh!t here we go again” meme :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a year. I have some plans in place to get the South Island region moving again, hopefully we’ll have something sorted along those lines (at least at the committee level) before the end of next month.

Of note; although we had no accepted nominations for the positions of Secretary and Marketing Officer we have since had offers for those positions made by two members of the region; given that competition for those places is likely to be literally zero and I’d like to get going sooner rather than later, can the committee as it exists currently accept those invitation or do we need to hold an SGM? (Note that the SGM will more than likely just be a formality)

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Maybe. A committee can fill casual vacancies by appointment (s24b)), and this clause is regularly used to fill vacant positions which no-one stood for (e.g. national treasurer a couple of years ago, Auckland marketing all the time). But its usually only used to fill one such vacancy. My democratic instincts says you should use an SGM for more, but when you have only six members in your entire region, that seems wasteful, and appointment seems OK.

(I was also concerned about whether you had quorum to do this, but three committee members is enough (s26))


(Point of Order: We have seven members as Adrexia is listed as “South Island” rather than Dunedin or Christchurch. I made the same mistake when preparing the list of members for the AGM :wink: )

Sounds good; I’ll talk to Ed and Carla and see about getting the members accepted. :slight_smile:


You also got an extra member since the last time I checked :sweat_smile:

The committee has voted on discord and unanimously accepted the nominations of

@jenhay for Secretary
@TaylaJ for Marketing Officer

The South Island Committee is now complete. Also, somewhat handily, with Jen and Tayla on the team we also now satisfy our requirement to have members from both Christchurch and Dunedin on the Committee.