Soul Dynasty

[quote="siximpossiblethings"I was already really excited about this idea (Love ‘Cloud Atlas.’ LOVE.) without having thought of this, but now that Sander’s pointed it out I’m even more interested- A campaign with this format offers a lot of novelty. Obviously we’re all aware that death is always a possibility for our characters, though unless a player feels, for whatever reason, that they’ve wrapped up their character’s story arc in a way they’re satisfied with it’s often not a welcome one. If I knew, however, that this was my ONLY chance to play a character I’d created but that their legacy would live on in future sessions I’d probably play with less risk-aversion, or I’d play characters that I’d find interesting to explore but wouldn’t necessarily find satisfying for the standard duration of a campaign.[/quote]

I designed the game with that in mind. I want people to be able to play a range of characters, which allows for people to explore different builds, different stats, different item choices, while effectively maintaining the same character. Death is not something you want in the game, as a characters part in the story is more crucial to the plot, but as everyone is getting new characters every game, you arent alone in the awkward, I know no one phase.

Both bumping this, and asking a question.

What worlds/genres/historical periods would those interested like to see with this game?