In a world gone mad, people cope as best they can. The biggest shock to many was being so disconnected from the rest of the world. Where we’d become ultra connected through the web, mobile phones and easy long distance transport suddenly there was silence.

Yes, the technology still existed. But the people didn’t. The massive depopulation that took place due to the Pandemic and finished off by the Winter meant that even if people still had phones, they had no one to call.

Over the first few years lines were drawn as to where people fitted in. Those who had been wealthy enough, smart enough or had enough influence were in their Arcologies. Most of the rest of the world fell into a sort of neo-agrarianism, with small farm based communities living as best they could by re-learning farming and crafting techniques most people had never needed to know about. Some wanted to go further, reject all of the trappings of the world they felt had been destroyed for a reason. God, Nature, the Aliens. Each of these communes or ‘tribes’ as they became known, had a theory. And they totally isolated themselves from any other nearby groups.