So, what are people wanting to play?

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Looking at the archetypes and factions, I’m thinking a journalist / something, probably tagging along with the Smithsonian Expedition, simply on the basis that they’re the sort of people likely to want a printing press. Alternatively, I could be tied to Vanguard, following the long tradition of frontier towns and the booster press.


A Chain Ganger, probably Gunslinger/Outlaw.


Drifter (Gambler)/Soldier (Gunslinger). cough Doc Holiday Cough


I’m tempted to go Soldier-Enforcer/Engineer with Vanguard. Mainly for the costume choices. But partly because I haven’t played that sort of character in a while (and last time I did was for a single game).

Also keen on scholar, as always. And I’d love to go Carnival of wonders, but that would give me serious 33AR nostalgia…


I’m wondering if the Saloon will be run by a player or an NPC. Because I can see how “saloon-owner” is an easy way to get into all sorts of trouble…


I was intending to play a journalist, but a Chain Gang drifter is also pretty tempting.


I’m considering Gunsmith/Ranger, but Inventor/something is also intriguing. Sort of depends if I can be bothered sorting out a long rifle weapon, and pistol sure would be less work!


A member of the Vanguard Consortium, a Physician / something (probably gunslinger). Doctor Izael Stevenson.


He first thing that came to mind was a war vet. So that’s soldier Enforcer or gunslinger. Maybe outlaw.

Tossing up being part of the chain gang because vets often fall on hard times and get into trouble.


I’m leaning towards Smithsonian Scholar (job) Gambler (hobby) at the moment, but it’s VERY early


Lots of cool options!
Will ruminate for a while - especially as I may not get to every game.


I’m thinking gunslinger/Outlaw applies best to the concept I have, but I’ll wait to see how things work mechanically first :slight_smile:


Some possibilities (both within the Carnival)

Fortune teller (Charlatan/Apothecary)
Snake Charmer (Troubadour/Researcher/Apothecary)


I’m thinking war vet too. Maybe ex-French Foreign Legion, as there’s a lot of potential there.

Edit to add: And the French Foreign Legion had the most comfortable looking trousers:

Though I think I like this aesthetic more:

…but you know, in blood and bone colours. Because Vanguard.


Some kind of crazy Inventor/researcher
Probably with the Carnival or the Smithsonian


I was thinking Carnival, Charlatan and Scholar, Bearded Lady Fortune Teller and Student of the Occult!


So, for my would-be newspaper proprietor, I think the build is Drifter (for the “don’t shoot me” ability) + Researcher, with Journalist I and II. Though I can see obvious variations with taking Gambler, or Performer and a level of Charlatan.

And as a fallback, Performer, Researcher, Troubador I, and either Troubador II or Academic I seems to make for a workable union organiser (with a rousing speech for a performance).

Drifter + Pioneer, Prospector I and either Prospector II or Gambler I looks like a good build for a prospector trying to make their fortune in the new world (and then drink and gamble it away in true gold miner fashion). Though really, all those people are in Ballarat and Hokitika ATM in 1869…


I think I’ll be crew if I make it to this at all.