So, how does buying tickets & character creation work?


So, how does buying tickets & character creation work??

  1. Go to the Eventbrite event page (link to come when tickets go on sale.)

  2. Choose one of five options for tickets (four player factions based on availability, plus crew.)

  3. As you check out, you will need to provide names and contact details for all tickets you are purchasing. If you are an NZLARPS member, you can enter a discount code (details to come during the week before ticket sales begin,) to receive $10 off your ticket.

  4. After you have successfully checked out, you will receive an automated confirmation from Eventbrite.

  5. The GM team will then send you a copy of the character sheet google doc template that you can use to draft your character concept. They will also add you to your faction’s facebook group and link you to the diatribe thread, where you can discuss concepts with other confirmed members of your faction.

  6. Once you have a character concept you are happy with, share your character sheet with the GM team. The GM team will then review your character, and may ask you to revise or clarify some aspects of your character if they feel they are not appropriate for the campaign.

  7. Once you and the GMs are both happy with your concept, your character will be confirmed.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit.

As always, please email with any questions you may have.