Small Rules Revision

Since the 33AR website has been up, we’ve had some great feedback from people, in the form of interesting questions as well as some very useful critique. From this feedback, we’re making some changes to the rules of 33AR.

The Rulebook
We are in the process of compiling the rules together to make a downloadable rulebook, which has been requested by several people. This rulebook will cover all of the rules of 33AR, and will be updated if/when the need arises. When this rulebook is complete, we’ll let you know.

OOC Rules
The need for a more formal set of rules to govern Out-of-Character behavior of partcipants at 33AR events has been something that has come to mind during discussions between ourselves and members of the LARP community. The idea of such things as a code of conduct for NZLARPS is in a similar vein. What we’ve decided to do, instead of the current social contract, is to write a set of OOC rules that better explain things like safety, OOC vs IC, and the Spirit of the Game (among other things). Once we’ve finished writing these OOC rules, they’ll appear on the website and in the rulebook, and replace some of the pages in the About 33AR section of the website.

Shield Break
We’ve decided to give the Shield Break skill (previously a demon-only skill) to players as well. For those who have already had their characters approved, there’ll be an email in your inbox asking if you’d like to take the skill. For all those considering making characters that fight with a Two Handed Weapon, you’ll want to check out the Shield Break skill in the skills table.