Sky Deck

Seen on DriveThru:

There’s a private party on the Sky Deck, and only the elite have been invited—artists, philanthropists, financiers, and celebrities. In a city teeming with paparazzi and the hoi polloi, they will have peace, quiet, and a spectacular view.

As the brochure says:
The Sky Deck is perched close to the top of one of the five tallest buildings in the world, and is reached by the fastest elevator on Earth. It boasts panoramic, 360-degree views stretching as far as 80 kilometers, a thrilling open-air Sky Porch, a delicious Sky Cafe for drinks and snacks, as well as the famous Sky Deck Lookdown, a transparent floor that is the only thing between you and the busy streets 530 meters below. Step out onto it if you dare!

Book now for an exclusive, luxurious bird’s eye view of the city. Private engagements are available and offer even more glamour and prestige for you and your guests.

It will be an evening to remember.

8-16 players, card-based and workshoppy, with a tone of “pitch black absurdist comedy”.