Silent Hedges

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I’ve just seen this pop across my DriveThru feed:

Its a standalone horror larp, with pre-generated characters, set in a small Louisiana town after a pair of teenagers have disappeared. Slightly scene-based, requires narrators, and intensive set-dressing and proppage (including a simple sound. You’re going to need Bauhaus’ greatest hits). Similar in style to how Cthulhu Live is meant to be run, I guess.

Not the sort of game I want to run, but if anyone in Wellington or the South Island is wanting to run such games and wants to pillage it for ideas, I can pass on the file.


Someone in Wellington please run this so I can play it! Alternatively, Phoenix will be accepting game submissions from February 5th, someone run this at Phoenix so I can play it :stuck_out_tongue:


You do seem to need a suburban house, ideally with a basement. Though it would work at future Hydras in one of the lodge spaces.