Shadow of the King - A Monthly Superhero LARP


A new monthly LARP is starting up in Auckland soon using the DramaSystem, an easy to learn, quick to play game system.

Shadow of the King is a superhero themed LARP where you play in the (practically) capital of the world, Manhattan, as superheroes, villains, cops, gangsters, journalists, and almost anything else you can think of. It’s a great system that is friendly to newbies and those who want a fresh new system and game to play in.

Check out the group, the game guide (Full of background we’ve been working on for months and an explanation of the system), and forum:

Facebook Group:
Game Guide:


Sounds awesome. When is the first game - and what day of the month will it run? Also do you have a email contact for it?


First game date has yet to be decided, but we are aiming for a month-month & a half after this announcement. We want to run it on the third saturday of each month, so we aren’t clashing with Phoenix, Hunter or Werewolf.

You can contact me by email at, or on Facebook (Kemys Tubbs, one of the group admins). The forum also has the emails of all three GMs in the welcome announcement post.

Feel free to post on the group as well, we’ll endevour to answer any questions you have.


This game was very fun. I highly recommend it. Even with 1 crew, it was spectacular with a high level of rp immersion and many many interesting characters.

If you have doubts, try it. It was fantastic.