SGM 12 July 2017 - Minutes

Meeting open time 7:30pm

Members in attendance: 8

Chair of meeting: Brad Thompson
Minute Taker: Phillip Brown

No new members
Quorum recalculation not needed
Phillip Brown self nominated for minute taker, Brad Thompson seconded, motion passed
Required Quorum has been met, returning officer required, Dave Luxton nominated, Walter Hamer seconded. Nikki nominated, Walter Hamer seconded. Motion passed, two returning officers.
Step 5 skipped
Nikki opens motion that voting by hand allowed for Motion 1, Brad Thompson seconded. Motion passed.
Motion 1, amendment to constitution voted on in person, returns tallied by returning officer.
Returning officers retire to count votes.
43 Yes
0 No
0 Abstained
Motion 1 passed
SGM Closed