Set dressing


Old file boxes turned inside out, boxes from supermarkets or large packaging that people have at their homes would be cool to stack around the place if people have the opportunity to get any. Especially outside the trading post.


Yes! This! In fact I will post this on facebook as well.


[quote=“sophmelc”][quote=“Surrealfish”]With a couple of weeks to go, I just wanted to check what sort of generic dressing is being provided by the organisers, and what sort of stiff might we need to bring. Talking large scale stuff like tent/pagodas for the different rooms? Sheets to form walls etc? I haven’t been involved in Wellington larps before so insure where the cut off between set up and polishing is.

I’ll be blocking things out with gazebos and fabric and doing rough set dressing on all areas. If you want something to look a specific way or have a specific feel then your space is yours to do what you want with.[/quote]

Thanks Sophie that’s exactly what I wanted to know
And I blame auto correct for any dead stiffs that turn up…