Session 3 favourite moments?

While it’s still fresh. :slight_smile:

  • Being a drugged-up AJ who over-used the term ‘awesome’ way too much, and then later those very repetitive conversations with people…
  • There were hugs. The hugs were awesome.

More will come later when I’m not crashing so hard, I’m sure, this was an intensely roleplay-heavy session for me. Again, thanks to everyone who played & crewed.

Realising that all the preparation work Doc had been working on would finally pay off following the worst mass murder of his people ever. And realising this PC is starting nice and turning increasingly brutal. Like most of my PCs ever. Sigh.

Whilst still fresh…

I died…

My character went through so much this game, such a wide gamut of emotions and situations. It was absolutely brilliant!

From the complex roleplaying at the start, having amnesia, and trying to remember what I do and don’t recall about the people around me. Like the conversations with Allan, Maybelle, Val and others.

The interrupted conversations with Hawk, shortly followed by the bomb explosion, realising he’d been taken out and then finding out that this was the impetus that I needed to remember how to fix people. Venting to Tom afterwards and taking his advice “Find the one thing you want and hold onto to it as tight as you can.”

Finding my new friend Doc unconscious for no apparent reason, monologging at him to come around, then after an apt hint from Ted, trying the medical route.

Having the Emerald again, (thanks Vanessa) going into hyper mode to help solve the medical problems I faced. At first just taking it when the situation was overwhelming me, but then later, deliberately having some to be able to think faster to find the cure to the virus. And Allan’s reaction to that (sleep inducing injection and tying me up then describing me as mad to everyone else). And Fox manhandling me when I woke up angry (slippery high tech material for the win 8) .

The emotional turmoil of Christa dying, and having the AI put into me even though I was pretty sure its a bad idea. I’m so sorry I wasn’t a better sister Nikki.

And all the “hard” questions people asked me while I was doing stuff. Like will he be alright? Can you help him? What are you doing? And Flora’s classic “what’s your name?”. So much of what I was doing was done on an instinctive feeling of what I should be doing, and as I did it the memory of how to do it came back. But still really didn’t want to think and talk about the process.

Managing to stay out of the firing line during the gunfights, which was wasn’t easy at times. Then seeing Ted/John O’Connor dead and feeling very vulnerable to all those stray bullets.

Just as things settled down and I was reading the files on Christa’s computer and beginning to see the bigger picture of the world. And being overwhelmed by guns and taken off to the truck. But sneaking the computer and a baton with me and passing it to Drake for her to help break us out.

Then at the end, thinking about the complex problems that we face and trying to figure out what is the right and wrong thing to do. :frowning: As I said to Hawk “Maybe it was easier when I couldn’t remember anything, and being a slave just doing what you’re told wasn’t that bad.”

Thanks for a great game Sophie and everyone!

For Beryl, hmmm… tricky.

The sudden realization that there were only two townies conscious for much of the game, and she was one of them. Both of us were pretty sick. Mabel tried to make us vote on something, but Beryl was a bit too woozy to feel confident in any consensus they came to.

The awkward moment when she was asked if she actually had any training in combat situations. She was very glad the matter was dropped before she had to think up a convenient lie as to why she wasn’t afraid of shoot-outs, or even crazy Travis.

Crazy-Travis! Very intimidating. Beryl politely removed his knife to prevent another incident and then passed it off to Fox, whom she figured could take care of herself (and owed Beryl for all the free armour fixing anyway).

All of the gunpowder she had managed to store up between games getting stolen (found out afterwards it had been a random British solider who had then tried to pin it on other people… Nick Wolfe :angry: ) Spent much of the evening complaining about that.

Actually managing to spot one of the bombs before it went off.

The horrible moment when two of the people she actually liked and spoke to regularly died.

Mel’s makeup. Awesomely horrible.

Explaining to Mabel that actually, Beryl had dragged Mabel out of the town when they evacuated and so she could just put that gun down and be a bit more polite… completely leaving out the bit where Beryl had dropped Mabel in order to make a detour and pick up her tools before coming back to drag Mabel the rest of the way.

Zed telling me her incredible news and Drake trying very hard to say something comforting and supportive and just NOT BEING ABLE TO omg I’ve never played a character so emotionally stunted.

Moments with Tom in the infirmary, holding his hand and telling him he was going to be all right even through the amnesia, and getting hints to his background from the babblings.

Solomon pulling me away from the grenade and me being a sneaky cheaty player and looking around to see Fraser take the grenade, even though Drake was unconscious.

Thomas’s Doc waking me up and taking my hands and explaining what had happened and that it would be my last moments with Tom. Of course, those moments. The only thing Tom said to me was ‘hey there Drake’ but I got an ‘I love you’ in there, first time Drake had ever said it. Then Fraser played dead and I sobbed real, panicked sobs for a few minutes before I realised that it was just a game and I could probably calm down.

Kidnapped again… being sneaked a baton which I hid under my conveniently long coat and using it to great effect when the truck screeched to a stop. Somehow surviving that last fight (by one measly HP) and Sophie telling me that yes, I could absolutely steal that truck.

Hawk got blown up. The rest of the game was wildly different to what I expected after that.

Nova threw herself on me sobbing and desperately trying to keep me alive. Luckily I had combat armour which took most of the shrapnel. This was definitely an awesome moment for Hannah I think and it was pretty cool to be the instigator of it.

I like how Drake didn’t come to infirmary to see Hawk, which was pretty much the same as Hawk not going to infirmary to see Drake last session. Of it meant that AJ could. That was awesome. Shame she forgot about it. Stupid virus.

Watching Flora disarm the bomb. There were definitely things I didn’t like about the bomb challenge (like it was just a luck game and not a disarming simulation) but it did manage to capture the awesome tension of disarming a bomb when it worked like it did in Flora’s case.

A conversation with Flora later in the dark about feelings. Yeah that was hilarious.

Mostly Hawk was pretty injured and sick and it was kind of fun staggering around and playing that up.

When Ripley was all like “I don’t want to shoot you Hawk” as we had our guns pointing at each other and Fox slides up behind her and puts a gun to her head.

When I tried to talk with Travis and he was all like “Is that right kid.” That was pretty awesome. Hawk actually pretty much is a kid and he is definitely a kid to Travis so that was cool. Also I’m not sure Hawk could ever earn Travis’ respect sadly.

And probably my favourite moment was when there was a gun fight, I was chasing and shooting someone with my pistol. I didn’t even know Papa was in town but suddenly he was in front of me with a shield and we immediately had a combat rapport which was just sensational. We haven’t had much time together but I’m really enjoying Nick Cole in this role.

Hanging out with Hob and Frank’s NPC (whose name I didn’t catch). Trying to make sense of Hob’s rare moments of lucidity. Trying NOT to respond to all of the pop-culture references Hob was making that I understood OOC.

Travis giving Flora a book he’d traded for to replace the one she’d lost (because apparently books are interchangeable?).

Christa sending Flora away when she was panicking about the bomb due to her last experience with getting close to one. Later, finding out that Christa’s dying wish was for Flora to have her demolitions kit.

When Flora was freaking out about Christa dying and JJ was trying to comfort her- He said something about how you just have to take life as it comes and accept the good with the bad. Flora said that she hadn’t seen any good since she’d left her Arc and he laughed and said: “You’ve got to lower your standards.” Also, JJ promising to be there with Flora to calm her down if she had to deal with a bomb again.

Realising that the bomb Flora was trying to diffuse could be worked on remotely and that being the only one who knew how to deal with it wasn’t a death sentence. Getting to play badass hacker with Amber. Hannah’s “Stop asking the hard questions!” when Flora asked what her name was was perfect. :smiley:

Wandering around looking for the diffused bombs gave me the biggest sense I’ve had since this LARP began about how Flora’s changed as a character. Yeah, she’s still selfish, emotionally immature, and ignorant, but at least she wouldn’t ditch a town with bombs hidden in it that someone could grab to harm the people in it again, and she felt that it was her responsibility to look after them in case their use became necessary since she was the only one around who knew how. Hawk finally finding the missing bomb and his: “I guess if AJ trusts you that’s good enough” was awesome.

Travis lecturing Flora about how Christa’s death might have been her fault and how she was just going to have to get over it and do better in the future, then (or so it seemed to me) defrosting a little, putting his arm out, and saying: “Flo, I’m just gonna put my arm like this and if you want, you can come here.”

Artemis asking Flora to be her friend, and the two agreeing to give it a try even though neither really knew much about how to go about it.

Holding hands with Hawk and AJ when everyone was was blind and comparing notes with Hawk about how into AJ he and Flora were, without AJ realising what they were discussing.

Talking to James outside about being Terribly Concerned About AJ.

All of the moments with AJ, especially when she was doped up on whatever-it-was and kept going on about how everything was ‘Awesome!’ Flora seriously does not deserve a friend like her.

The scene where Travis found out about Val’s death for the second time. Trying to figure out who to best call in to comfort Travis. Asking: “Who are his friends?” and being told: “Erik,” swearing, asking who else, and getting “Val” for an answer broke both Flora and her player a bit.

Actually Drake came twice to the infirmary to see Hawk - but the first time you were unconscious and the second time AJ was holding your hand and it felt like I’d be intruding. I wanted very much to check on Hawk and Fox as well, but you all had each other and I was on the outside, for sure. I did make sure to direct Nova to Hawk though, she was outside crying and panicking and I showed her Hawk was okay in the infirmary.

I was thinking about it and realised that all my cool moments came from someone else’s not so cool moment. Sorry if that makes me seem all selfish. Guess I just love the larp drama.

OMG Hawk felt the exact same way when Tom had died and Zed was there comforting Drake. Sounds about right for both of them.

All of it. For me, I realised I was not playing Artemis how I had intended her. So when the Clement Lieutenant told her to back down, Artemis smiled and folded her arms. It took Hannah a few moments to realise I was not going to back down so I was ordered to be shot in the head. That really didn’t work out for the Clement troops there :wink:
Numerous NPCs told me if I don’t give them a straight answer they will punch me in the face. I had so many IC and OOC giggles about that.
I had oddly touching moments and still managed to act like I was a little bit insane, but obviously the few who befriended me saw how useful it is having around someone who takes a knife to a gunfight.
Oh yeah, the knife to a gunfight. My guns jammed VERY early on so I decided it will be better (and maybe more IC) to just use a knife when being shot at. It actually worked out as I was only hit by a bullet twice.
Telling AJ to let me stand in between someone and a gun next time instead of her and her look of “Shut up” towards me :smiley:
Artemis’ friendship with Flora was pretty special. They agreed to look out for one another (hardest job ever for Flora) and promising to go with Flora to the arc.
Then there was Artemis’ death. As Sophie put it, she got “out badassed” and had her throat slit in the dark while trying to rescue the hostages taken from the camp. I was quite touched by people’s reactions to her dying. Being dragged back and hearing people say “Fuck!” when they saw her. And hearing Beryl say she was one of the few she actually liked and hearing AJ and Flora be upset, I squee’d a little as I lay there trying to be dead.

In the end, Artemis became a heap of charcoaled remains.


Fox was a little cut up by it :wink:

Fox was a little cut up by it :wink:[/quote]

By cut up, you mean telling the corpse that you never liked her but in death you respect her. I was a little torn on how to feel about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Fox was a little cut up by it :wink:[/quote]

By cut up, you mean telling the corpse that you never liked her but in death you respect her. I was a little torn on how to feel about that :stuck_out_tongue:[/quote]

Exactly how she wanted you to feel :wink:

I got an email from Sophie pointing out that the British were after me, and that the gloves were off. Hells yes. So I spent about the first hour or so completely freaking out, on the verge between IC and OOC, because everywhere I looked there were British soldiers. Including the same crew member who shot me. Different NPC, but neither I nor Maybelle knew that and so I spent so long sidling and sneaking. So much fun.

Freaking out at Vanessa trading Emerald.

Angsting about my Dad. Screw you Tom. Fraser, you were brilliant. Three sessions, and at no point did Maybelle think he cared about her at all. I know a few more details than her … not enough to substantially change that perception though. And I keep hearing from other people about how he helped them with problems, and cared about them… Absolutely brutal.

Screaming like a child “I totally got you SO MANY TIMES,” at Vanessa as she got up from the drivers seat of the truck and took my negative HPs.

James! Always a pleasure, Chris.

Lying on the ground, barefoot, no HP, with blood coming out of my eyes, trying to curl up so that nobody stepped on me, frantically groaning so that a player would hear and rescue me. I didn’t want to die yet!