Session 3 (1/2/2014)

Session 3 of the campaign will be on [size=150]February 1st, 2014.[/size] Starting at 5pm till 10ish. The venue is still to be confirmed, but will be in Wellington.

Player and crew registration is now open! … Y/viewform

And remember, first people to register AND pay get the 30 player slots. Previous players and crew who now want to play will get preference over new players.

The time in game between sessions will be [size=150]3 months.[/size]

Character updates can be sent through any time, but please send them as either a pdf or word doc, rather than just in an email. These are to be no longer than 800 words. And should include what you got up to in the last session, what you plan to do in the down time and anything you’d like to focus on or plot ideas.

The game format will be exactly the same:
2pm - Set dressing
4:30pm - Crew briefing
4:45pm - Player briefing
5pm - Game start
7pm ish - Dinner
10pm ish - Game end
11pm - set dressing packed away and venue clean.

Email as always is

Game is in a week folks! Want plot? Let me know in the next few days…