Session 2 thoughts, feelings discussion

I thought this might be a nice place for us to share what happened to our characters :slight_smile:

Artemis did a lot of going “Aaaaaall byyyy myyyseeeeelf”. But she “disarmed” (heh heh) someone threatening to blow up part of the town. It still went off though. My bad.

I made an effort to talk to more people. Feel a bit bad for blowing off Tic but I wasn’t in much of a position to help at any point. Getting blown up for the third time in two weeks was kind of amazing. Drake is going to write a sternly worded letter about that.

Highlights: Tom finally coming to check on me in the med bay, leaning in and saying “Are you okay, little duck?” and my heart twisting with feels.

Solomon and Drake’s whacky morphine adventures

People’s reactions to Drake being in the slave pen

Drake co-operating but not with Nasia’s farm warden

Moments with June and other different moments with Zed and all interactions with Ted Rogers

As part of the disarming (hee hee) Beryl thinks that we can place the blame firmly on the people who were running around with the bomb. Don’t run with bombs kids, important safety tip.

AJ running up and hugging Flora when she saw her was pretty awesome (I had such a hard time keeping the secret that I was going to be there IRL, but I’m so glad I did!)

Being mean to Eric.

Finding out what the hell was going on with the organisation I was supposedly working for and why I’d gotten stranded in Crosspire in the first place! There’s an Arcologist who’s going to get his balls sawed off with a rusty spoon, the second Flora gets the chance.

Saying exactly the wrong things to exactly the wrong people when I was drunk.

Also, everyone seems to think that Arcologist = educated, which Flora found bewildering.

Also, everyone seems to think that Arcologist = educated, which Flora found bewildering.[/quote]

Even if I thought that before, I really really don’t now after meeting Nik Crombie’s saboteur. Also I love that someone gave her Emerald, best way of getting someone to talk ever.

I think AJ made a lot more decisions this time. Which isn’t saying much - last time she basically stayed in a corner/at the bar angsting/crapping herself with fear any time anyone even vaguely military looking even looked in her general direction.

Highlights for me were:

AJ seeing Flora again. Thanks everyone who kept that a secret from me (still not sure why I was worth the effort though, but thanks anyway :smiley: ) - the reaction was definitely one of “I didn’t think I’d see you again” which I think was hoped for.

Being dragged up into the hotel room by Mel’s character for apparently what was a town meeting, and being really, really confused as to why I was there for quite some time, until the Docmayor started talking about a certain position for AJ. That moment of “ohhhhh” as a lightbulb went on in AJ’s head.

There was a really great conversation with JJ, Travis, and Eric at the bar, all of which I was finding absolutely hilarious and difficult to not crack up OOC. Wasn’t sure I’d ever see Eric blush or try so hard to get out of the conversation ;D

I think the Stupidest Moment in AJ’s Life award would be stepping in front of Sosa’s shield, right between him and the Clement Republic Major’s gun. Resulted in a situation where everyone was pointing guns at each other and AJ got shot in the shoulder. That was so tense, I loved every minute of that (AJ most definitely didn’t though :stuck_out_tongue: )

Telling James who AJ really was, and him apparently not believing her for a while. That was great, thanks Chris :smiley:

A moment of clarity when AJ realised what she needed/wanted to try do to get certain people out of a slightly sticky situation. Genuinely selfish reasons at first, and then they slowly grew into “I hope I’m helping and doing the right thing, and that I don’t make things worse for them.”

The conversation with the Docmayor in the quarantine area was so atmospheric, it was awesome.
Any interaction with Grace - Thanks Sarah! Grace is cool :smiley:
Realising how important a certain few people actually are to AJ.
And when Sister Dearest actually asked AJ what she wanted to do. That was really, really lovely. :smiley: I mean, sure, AJ was a teeny bit loopy on morphine and booze, but she asked for a ceasefire

I really enjoyed learning what each new problem was, and then dumping them on Doc, then making him laugh, even when he was injured. Seeing John’s new jacket… it was distinctive. Hearing my assistant suddenly talk to me coherently, there was just a moment of Beryl staring wide eyed at her wondering if it was just a fluke.

I’m so dead in Session 3…

Shall we compare notes :wink:

Yeah the stuff with June was brilliant. Hawk had just learned a whole lot of mind-blowing stuff and then June says her name is REDACTED and I’m like EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE


there was a cool bit where the farm warden was asking me why the bounty was up so high/why did everyone have such an interest in me and Fox was right there and maybe one other person, and I had a mind blank so I just said “Because I have awesome hair”

oh Drake. You so sassy.
I dunno how everyone didn’t just laugh, honestly.

Did you make an enemy?

Did you make an enemy?[/quote]

I don’t think any character doesn’t have an enemy or two :smiley:

Did you make an enemy?[/quote]

I don’t think any character doesn’t have an enemy or two :smiley:[/quote]

I think that by this point it’d take far less time to count the people Flora HASN’T pissed off.

It’s all right you haven’t pissed Sosa off.

It’ll be at least a few days in game-time between sessions, and Flora’s working in the bar now, which, from her experience, means she can say what she likes because she’s between everyone else and the booze.

There’s still time.

At this stage 3 months between games (though it may change)

Sosa is currently in Solitary confinement in a military brig and going to be interrogated. IF he survives that, he is probably leaving Crosspire to go back to the Tribe.

So you are safe for now, who knows may even have an ally so you can pay back your debt.

Always good to have Sosa on your side

Always good to have Sosa on your side[/quote]

Yeah. Flora is grateful to his tribe and does plan to honour that debt.

Did you make an enemy?[/quote]

little voice er no? er not yet? patents doing well? I was with Steve, on the moon… whats the right answer?