Session 1: Cast List


Any chance we can get a list of characters at the game, and status at the end of the game
just so we can communicate…

(add yourself to the list)

Theodore “Ted” Rogers - Mat Gritt - alive


Some people may not be on diatribe so couldn’t answer this? Also I know many people mostly from what they were wearing or their main skillset!

Mayor Joseph ‘doc’ Summers - Nick A - Alive


Captain Sosa - Scott Kelly - Coma - Staying in town obviously


Christa - Nikki - staying in town


AJ Montgomery - Amanda Alderson - Alive and kicking! …but left Crosspire at end of last session


Cara Passeri - Daena Dixon - Tending to those in Need in town


Tic (a Candyman) - Kate B - in town but desperate to get her recently-deceased brother back to Playland (this is currently being discussed with Sophie and potentially a couple of other player characters)…


Lieutenant Colonel Fox - Sam W - Alive but injuried. Staying in Crosspire.


JJ - Phillip Brown - On buisness outside of Crosspire


Flora Whittaker -Steph Cybart- left Crosspire to go home to New New York.


Hawk - Jarratt Gray - Currently fixing a truck, about to head out but should be back.

Wants to help in no particular order - Tic, Nova, Fox, Drake.


Solomon - Richard Dagger - Alive, headin out on atruck, will be back


Beryl Silverstone; blacksmith. Still in town and trying to get the materials to make more gunpowder.


June Adams/Tanner- Ellen Boucher- crazy as ever and getting worse. Staying in Crosspire.


Drake LaMarque - Jenni Sands - Fixing her truck and heading out in a bad ass posse with Drake, Solomon, Tom and X

Keen to come back to Crosspire to help Tic


Nova / Tania - Hannah Jackson - staying in Crosspire, alive but still crazy/addicted to Emerald.
(willing to do anything for some Emerald, just don’t tell Christa)


Tom - Fraser - Headed out with the truck posse. Planning to come back.


Blake! - Reuben


Sgt. Artemis Fallon (Courtney) - Last seen with an injured Blake running back in to Crosspire


Travis - Ants - Drunk, but sobering quickly. Left town on an excursion