CONTENT WARNING: War, military service, being torn away from your loved ones.

In the near future, the world is embroiled in a new World War. It is not important what the causes of that war were, only that the entire globe is suffering from the effects. In New Zealand, citizens try to go about their daily lives while military forces are deployed into battles on foreign soil. The standing military and reserves have all been strained to the breaking point.

For that reason, the government has decided to institute a draft to replenish their ranks. This draft is ground breaking because it has done away with the gender boundary so that women are a part of the draft pool as well. Those with previous military service are not exempt from this draft, and the maximum age of eligibility into the draft has been extended to age fifty. People with medical conditions as well as religious reasons why they would not be able to service are no longer automatically exempt. The only exception to the draft states that families with children may not have both parents drafted.

Otherwise, there are no exceptions. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 50 could be called up for service at any time.

Service is a Larp for 10-20 players about New Zealand citizens called up for military service during a brutal war. It’s a game about saying goodbye to the life you’ve known, about patriotism versus the reality of war, and issues of personal versus societal responsibility.

The game requires minimal costuming - you’ll be playing everyday people in a New Zealand of the not-too-distant future - and we’ll go over character creation on the night. It’s been designed as an introductory game for folks who haven’t played before - if you want to give Larp a go, and aren’t afraid to wrestle with a few feelings, you’re welcome to join!

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Now I’m wondering, without either playing or reading this, whether you could do an explicit 1916 NZ hack.

This game has been cancelled due to illness.