Second Watch

From Peaky, it’s Second Watch:

It is 2108 and the GKS LV-642 Acheron, a Levitt-class tug, is towing the sleeper colony ark Spero (containing 10,000 colonists) to New Eden. The Acheron is crewed by two watches, on a year-on year-off cycle, with two-week handover periods. Each watch is made up of eleven personnel. The journey will take 25 years and the colonists will remain in cryosleep for the entire journey…

Second Watch is a game of science fiction suspense and horror, and was written at Peaky 2017.

No, that doesn’t sound ominous at all. And neither does the cast list. Nothing bad here, nothing at all.


Ooooooh. Someone run this in Wellington please

My calendar is booked out for the rest of the year, and for Hydra 2020 (where I’m offering The Gehenna Memo and maybe Longmuir Hall 3). But I might be able to do it at Cerberus.

It needs a room with a few adjacent spaces for people to talk in.

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