Seat Five

Seen on DriveThru: Seat Five, a larp by Jason Morningstar:

There are five seats on the municipal board of Walnut Hill, and since the death of Carol Crawley one of them has been vacant. Today there was a special election and the votes are trickling in. About 150 are expected. The candidates have gathered to watch the returns—four people who all know each other very well and have since childhood. It’s local politics at its local-est, and before the night is over mud will be slung and tears will be shed.

And, incidentally, Seat Five will be filled.

I bought it on impulse, and it looks quite good. The characters are thin, but there’s enough there to define them, and there’s a prop municipal board agenda and some phone-in questions on the soundtrack to define them more. It is short though - an hour of play time (in three short scenes), plus setup, intermission mechanics, and debrief. It’d work as a short-round game at a con, or as a double feature with another short game.