Scrap Latex Foam $0.50 / cubic meter

#1 … 304579.htm

This has to be good for something…


weighs 250kg… how would ya get it from Chch?


There are larpers in Christchurch…


That is a lot of foam for no money. Looks really springy, too.

I would suggest that Christchurch readers find themselves a big hammock-like net, hang it in four corners, fill it with latex offcuts and spend the afternoon diving in to it.


wheeeeee, that sounds like fun.

That stuff with the holes in looks perfect for standing paintbrushes in.


Or it would be if you could get one or two pieces. What’s really going on here is “you can have my rubbery foam for free if you get rid of it for me”. It’s divided into 250kg bags…


yeah, i know. there’s no way i’m gonna buy 250kg of foam stuff from Christchurch for that. :slight_smile: I think i’m going to have a look in Para Rubber and see if they have the same thing tho.

How big do you think the volume is when you un-vacuum seal it? 250kg worth might just about fill your average 3 bedroom house. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi do you have any smaller amounts. I’m just looking for foam scraps to make 3 large 1 x 1 metre soft fall cushions for a preschool.


Ah, look at the age of that thread…?


Ten years is some impressive thread necromancy.

Para Rubber sells open cell / cushion foam (it gets used in making stab-safe spearheads, among other things). Or you could always try searching TradeMe to see if anyone is disposing of any.