Sci-Fi-Fantasy-noir THEATERFORM

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A delicious selection of the freshest Asgardian heros, some juicy greek gods, A side of revolution and a vault full of treasures, all served on a magical rainbow train in the sky.
Oh and did I mention, there’s a heist afoot.

''On the Planet Yggdrasil, are spread 9 continents, Odin, the cycloptic and some say psychotic ruler of Asgard, the most powerful and ancient of the 9 continents, commissioned Jörmungandr, the Sky Train that circles the world. It cut the time between Asgard and Midgard from 3 weeks to 3 hours"
Inspired largely by the works of the Bristol, UK based band, The Mechanisms

Probably gonna be between 12-20 characters
Any thoughts/interest?


Hydra 2018?


I’m aiming to write it by then


You had me at ‘magical rainbow train’.