SAGA presents: Phoenix LARP convention


(Hah I can totally beat Idiot to announcing something.)

SAGA Inc., riding off the high of roleplaying that was BoD 2014, will be running its inaugural Live Action convention (tentatively named “Phoenix” because if you view it through time it totally has multiple heads) on September 12-14.

At this stage bookings aren’t confirmed, so this time may change, but it’ll probably be within a week or so of these dates.



Any hints on the lineup yet?


Fantastic news.


Quite a homegrown collection by the look of things. All the flagship Larpwrights from BoD are writing things (all independently) and a few others are getting in on the act. I’m hoping to re-run Russ Kale’s The Library: Episodes 13, 26 and ∴ if I get time and happen to be in the vicinity at that point.



Edited to add: Keen as to attend!


I’ll keep this thread updated as further details emerge.




Is there a Facebook page or group or such?


Not yet, but it’s on the to-do list. Stuff is still in the early organisational stages.


Here we go folks have some links!

[li] Phoenix website[/li]
[li] Phoenix on Facebook[/li][/ul]


Games for Phoenix (mentioned on Facebook, incomplete):

  • The Lotus, a science fiction bottle episode about three alien races stranded on the one ship
  • LARPs on Demand (Dunedin variant, run by Angus)
  • LARPs on Demand (Christchurch variant, run by Rackle)
  • Something about a whole heap of vampires (I can’t say how much it’s influenced by What We Do in the Shadows)
  • A comedic(?) dungeon crawl possibly involving treasure and boffer weapons
  • Jason Morningstar’s The Climb


Expect a link to a proper page with proper game blurbs in the very near future.


Hello all! We’ve just gone live for player signup. You can check out our list of sessions here and catch our player signup form here.

GM game registration is still open: if you want to run a game, check out this page.


A full list of the games that are running, featuring some brand new games and some old favourites:

Written by: Robert Vincent
GM: Robert Vincent

In this setting you play vampires living or flocking to Bristol, England. The vampire mythos will be detailed in character packs later to come. Essentially though, you’re not Cullens. The Sun will turn you to ash, even its reflection from the Moon is uncomfortable. You feed on human blood, and sometimes flesh or bone. Only human meets your needs.

Moreover you are outlawed vampires. There is a global Vampire Monarchy, that upholds strict laws. Your character will likely have broken at least one of these laws or openly disagree with them.

This makes you an outlaw, on the run from Magistrates.

Bristol’s Magistrate has apparently just been slain, which means that the major city in England has no Judge, Jury, or Executioner. So you and other Outlawed Vampires are going to have a secret, day time, meeting.

What do you do?

LARPs on Demand
Written by: Angus Dingwall
GM: Angus Dingwall

Larps On Demand is system for collaboratively creating and playing a LARP. It draws heavy influence from both the Nordic larping movement and the story game genre.

This a pretty free form game with lots of room for improvisation

There is no strict costuming for this but if you want to put some effort in theatre black (so black t-shirt and pants) plus one piece of costume would be awesome.

Dungeon Crawl
Written by: Quentin Bourne
GM: Quentin Bourne

A classic dungeon crawl, complete with monsters, traps, and five-foot steps in battle. Break down doors, fight minions of the evil Overlord, take the loot, and try not to run out of healing potions…

There will be light combat; spells will be little cloth bags filled with foam which get chucked at their target, and after combat rolls are resolved the participants can mime out the battle if they wish.

The game is intended to be very light hearted and fun with a minimum of serious drama and a maximum of cheesy melodrama.

Boats Against the Current
Written by: Anna Klein
GM: Judit Klein

New York, in the throes of the roaring twenties. An age of defiance, rebellion, blazing forth into a bright future in a whirl of liquor and dancing.

Recently, an eccentric but much talked about millionaire socialite has died under very questionable circumstances. Speculation abounds in the streets, and splashed across the papers – who was this man, really? Where did he come from? Who killed him? And why?

An introspective theatreform larp inspired by “The Great Gatsby.” Some mature themes.

Before and After the Silence
Written by: The Factory Project
GM: Angus Dingwall
Before and After the Silence is a Nordic style LARP about Silence. It investigates how we treat and shape silence by our action and thoughts.

This is a LARP unlike any other you will have played in. It can be an immensely emotional experience but also a cathartic one.

Improv Workshop
Written by: Robert Vincent and Ciaran Searle
GM: Robert Vincent and Ciaran Searle
Description to come

But Nobody Loses an Eye
Written by: Catherine and Stephanie Pegg
GM: Daphne Cohen

It was supposed to be the greatest day of your life, the pinnacle, you doubted it could ever be cooler than this; you were invited to a birthday party. But now you’re here you’re not so sure: someone’s widdled in their shoe, the little kid next door is hyped on sugar, the birthday boy is crying, and now you all have to play Pass the Parcel. Just pray they don’t get round to Charades or Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Join the horror of a 5 year old’s birthday party: the laughs, the tantrums, the food stains. But it’s OK – nobody loses an eye!

This game is about the magic, chaos and terror of childhood. The characters are children in the 4-7 age bracket, at a fifth birthday party. While there are some competing goals and personality pressures in the game, But Nobody Loses An Eye! is mostly about giving people licence to let loose their inner five year old.

Dress in modern kid’s party clothes, or old gear that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Food fights will be encouraged.

The Lotus
Written by: Lee Patrick
GM: Lee Patrick and Quentin Bourne

A sci-fi game based around culture clash and ethical dilemmas. You are trapped on a spaceship, the Lotus, with a collection of humans and aliens, all of whom have secrets, most of whom are lying to each other, and some of whom might die when plague hits the ship.

Your mission could be to get the ship to its destination, or to get the ship somewhere else entirely. It could be to escape the ship, or to keep someone else on board. It could be to keep your secret, or someone else’s, or just to survive.

The Climb
Written by: Jason Morningstar
GM: Robert Vincent

We have arrived at Camp III, precariously perched 6,900 meters up on a cliff-face high above the Tarphel Valley of Bhutan. In an age of well-trodden paths, no human being has ever been higher on this peak than we are right now. This is a secret ascent without the knowledge of Bhutanese authorities, who have forbidden climbing for religious reasons since 1994. No one knows we are here. If we descend into Bhutan we will be arrested. If anything goes wrong, there is no one to rescue us. Two will summit in the morning. The weather is murderously cold. Until the weather breaks, we can’t be outside our tents for more than a moment, and no more than three of us can fit in any one tent. For the six of us on the slopes of the Gangkhar Puensum massif, summiting ensures a place in climbing history. We all want a shot, but only two of us can make it to the top. Who will it be? And what fate awaits the “lucky” ones above 7000 meters?

LARPs on Demand
Written by: Angus Dingwall
GM: Rachel Hanover-O’Connor

Larps On Demand is system for collaboratively creating and playing a LARP. It draws heavy influence from both the Nordic larping movement and the story game genre.

This a pretty free form game with lots of room for improvisation.

Written by: Shoshana Kessock
GM: Jan-Yves Ruzicka

Themes: war+forced military service

In the near future, the world is embroiled in a new World War. It is not important what the causes of that war were, only that the entire globe is suffering from the effects. In New Zealand, citizens try to go about their daily lives while military forces are deployed into battles on foreign soil. Both Regular and Territorial Forces are strained to the breaking point.

For that reason, the New Zealand government has decided to institute a draft to replenish their ranks. This draft is ground breaking because it has done away with the gender boundary so that women are a part of the draft pool as well. Those with previous military service are not exempt from this draft, and the maximum age of eligibility into the draft has been extended to age fifty. People with medical conditions as well as religious reasons why they would not be able to service are no longer automatically exempt. The only exception to the draft states that families with children may not have both parents drafted.

Otherwise, there are no exceptions. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 50 could be called up for service at any time.

This time, it’s you.

A Dead Man’s Chest
Written by: Mo Holkar
GM: Quentin Bourne

Two pirate crews descend upon the sleepy Caribbean island of Santo Oloroso — to avenge the death of their former master Captain Flint, or to find and grab his treasure?

Old enmities will surface, deals will be made and broken, and some folk will swing from the yard-arm while others receive the dreaded Black Spot, before these affairs are settled, for good or ill.

Will fortune favour the brave? Will faint heart ever win fair lady? How many Pieces of Eight make a Doubloon? Find out all this and more at A Dead Man’s Chest.

The Tribute
Written by: Bruno Knewstubb
GM: Bruno Knewstubb

Every seven years the fey give a soul to Hell in return for immortality. Tonight four fey have each brought a mortal to offer to Hell; whomever’s sacrifice is accepted will win renown and power for their race. Things could become awkward as an extra human has turned up, apparently intent on ransoming one of the sacrifices, and some of the sacrifices might reveal themselves to be less than ideal.

There are 9 player slots: 4 fairies (a lady-of-the-lake, a wood spirit, a boggart and an ogre) and 5 humans: (a druggie, a goth, a thug, two friends). Recommended costuming is a green top for the fey, casual clothing for humans.I can probably bring some green.

I want to leave the players responsible for developing much of their characters’ backgrounds.