SAGA Presents: Halloween at the House on the Hill


A game for 10 to 20 players, running at Nanocon on 18 October:

Halloween at the House on the Hill
Written and GMed by Quentin Bourne and Sam Nicholls.

[i]The girl from the spooky house on the hill has invited you to a Halloween party. She’s not popular, for all that she’s rich, but you’re going anyway. Why? Maybe because you’re not popular either, or for the free food, or because you’re bored, or because you’re interested in the old house.

As soon as the last guest arrives, the doors slam shut and lock behind you. You can’t get out! Your host stands up and makes an announcement: someone here is a monster, and no one is going home until she finds out who.[/i]

Characters will be allocated at least a week before the events, sooner if possible, to give as much time as possible for costuming.

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