Rules update - v2

Hello all! I have been thinking about the WTI rules and have given them a bit of a polish based on what has been happening in games and given that people have been playing long enough that their characters are unable to improve.

So I present v2 of the rules. The release notes are below, but the changes are such that you are likely to have to rejig some skills. Please email me if you are concerned about the changes or have any questions.

The rules are accessible in the Rules v2 doc

Release notes - v2

  • Updated the “Previously on…” section
  • Added a list of possible Arcs to the Arcologist faction
  • Added new skill - Disease resistant.
  • Added a new skill tree - Computer skills
  • Added Perks to each skill tree as a specialisations.
  • Rejigged the demolitions rules to account for the new Perks.
  • Updated the XP rules to account for Perks.