Rules question

So I’m finishing up my character sheet and I was wondering if there is a max HP a character can have and conversely how you work out your HP.

I looked on but couldn’t see anything that mentioned the max or full HP. Only loosing HP.

Clarification would be great, thanks.

I found the rules PDF easier to follow than using the website and it also mentions a few extra things. Characters start with 3 HP, unless they take the Toughness skill which raises that to 5 HP.

Awesome, thanks Nick.

It doesn’t mention on the website that player characters can also play either Automata or Homunculi as a species, rather than Human.

Should guns be on the equipment list?

Guns don’t work against demons at anything other than contact range(*), but we haven’t banned them from the game, because people are just so damn enthusiastic about them!

But killing people is still frowned upon, despite the world having ended, unless they started it. :smiley:

From the website:
"The only guns that are still manufactured and supplied for general use (i.e. that you’re allowed to bring to the game) are phys-repp’d by foam dart guns that require cocking before every shot, fire one or two darts at a time, and can hold no more than 20 darts. The inverse of this is that you are not allowed to bring any gun that fires anything other than foam darts, is semi or fully automatic, can shoot more than two darts at a time, or can hold more than 20 darts.

Foam darts that have already been fired (i.e. ‘spent’) may be recovered and reused. If you shoot a gun, please pick up any darts that you have shot."

So, yes, they should be on the equipment list. I’ll put it on the to-do list weeps at the list of things to do before September.

(*) Please do NOT shoot people at this range, especially in the head. Shout BANG instead.