Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter

If you’re playing in Romeo and Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter, all character sheets have been sent out tonight, as well as the general knowledge and rules handout. If you haven’t received your character sheet, please email me. The general knowledge handout is available for download from here.

Cast List
The Crew of “The Sin or Swim”, the notorious pirate crew to which Ethel belonged:
Captain ‘Black’ Beatrice, terrifying pirate captain (f) – Matthew Bonniface
Scarlet Scourge, new terror on the seas (m) – Chris Evans
Plunder Bunny, aspiring mighty pirate (f) – Daena Schofield
And their prisoner, the Sheriff of Nottingham (m) – Dave Agnew

A company of fine musketeers, the brothers-in-arms of Romeo:
Signor Montanto Lussurioso, a fast-mouthed musketeer of Italy (m) – Jess Casbolt
Signor Vendicare Vendetta, a vengeful musketeer of Italy (m) – Linda Shaw
Signor Millantatore Bugiardo, a braggart musketeer of Italy (m) – Nora Czaywoski
Robin, a young man desperate to be a musketeer (m) – Kirsten Goodall
And their ward, Claudio, the strangely charming orphan (m) – Judit Klein

Assorted travellers, cast away to this island by an unfortunate sinking of a ship, presumably by terrible pirates:
Friar Geoffrey, a kindly monk (m) – Nathan Whiteside
Anon, a mysterious man in a mask (m) – Robert Shaw
Mirabelle, a harmless apothecary (f) – Bethany Strom
Lady Elena von Blueboa (f) – Graham Caine
Euphemia, her sharp-tongued lady’s maid (f) – Chris Rosedale
Marian, a damsel of Sherwood (f) – Nicole Turner
Dramatis Personae, big-shot playwright (m) – Prema Cottingham
Princess Daisychain, the crown princess to Florin (f) – Martin Clyde
Cardinal Hollier D’anthou, an important clergyman accompanying her (m) – Scott Kelly

Love it! So excited!