Rides/Place to crash

Hi folks,

Due to me being a cheap bas… person, and Dunedin being one of the more expensive place to fly out of, I have somewhat difficult flights to and from Hydra. I get into Wellington at 8am on the Friday, and fly out at 1:50pm on the Monday. I can probably take a taxi/shuttle from the airport to town, but I’d love it if someone could give me a ride out to the venue (at whatever time they find convenient). Likewise, somewhere to crash on the Sunday night would be awesome. I can arrange a shuttle from whereever to the airport :slight_smile:

Donations of whatever preferred liquid refreshment the lucky volunteer prefers will be offered :slight_smile:

Cheers all

Sure Mat

I’ll check with Hannah but you can stay with us. We live in town even lol

That would be awesome Ants, cheers :smiley:

Hannah is down with it.

That means you have a place to stay and a ride to and from. Dig it

I can dig it :slight_smile:

What’s your poison of choice? Do you want to pick me up/drop me off in town?


Ill be at work all day, but the airport flyer bus will take you into town (and it is cheap). I can guide you from there and Hannah I think may be home. If not I’ll send you in the right direction with a key or take ya bag so you can see the sights

Likewise Monday due to times.

And as for poison not a lot these days, but whiskey always goes down a treat. Irish.

But don’t worry yourself. No thanks necessary :slight_smile:

Solid. (Now I have the Undercover Brother soundtrack playing in my head. Thanks for that :wink: )

I’ll text you closer to the time (is your number still the same?)