Sara again. I’m wondering if there would be interest in hiring a shuttle back from Brookfields on Sunday - we probably won’t know until closer to the time, but it looks like quite a few people need to get back & there might be fewer drivers than last time. Has anyone looked into the pricing of this before?

I’m keen on the shuttle idea for the trip home.

Dan and I need rides from Mt Cook on Friday and back on Sunday.

Dan cannot leave until 5:30pm on Friday, but I can leave anytime.

We’ll have a bag each.

-Juliet Thomborson

I’ve arranged to borrow Scott’s car to drive to the venue, is anyone else needing lifts from 4:30pm?
My geographic knowledge of Wellington is limited, so if you think you’re on the route between the airport and Brookfields, give me directions and I can probably make it there. Though I need to figure out the car handover process and exacter timings…

So, just booked my flights for Hydra (Yes, I’m a last minute person, yes I am paying through the nose for it).

Arriving at 6PM at the airport, anyone able to help out with getting to site?

NVM, gone

Can Dan and I grab a spot with you Hannah? Dan can only leave at 5:30pm from his work in the CBD (which is about 10-15 mins from the airport and on the way to Brookfields.)

I am picking Theresa up off the airport flyer at Queensgate in Lower Hutt at 1830. If any other late comers want a lift up to the camp I can take a couple more.

Lifts at the end of the game will need to be arranged separately.

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Wellington Combined Shuttle quoted me $110 for a trip from Brookfield to Wellington central, with $6 for each different drop-off point. The van would seat 11 people. I have asked them to update that quote with the airport being the final drop-off point; I’ll let you know what they say.

Depending on how many people are interested in getting a lift back (with all our gear), I think this could be reasonably economic. Ie, around $15 per person. We probably wouldn’t be able to fill the van to its 11-person capacity because of all our gear.

Please let me know if you’re interested in travelling back from Brookfields on Sunday this way. You can also contact me at my gmail address (it’s Morbane there too.)

Brooklynne here I would love a ride from lower hutt if possible…

Yes please. I will be at the same location.

Yes please.

I have a ride to the camp now, yay, so only need the ride back, so I am still very keen on that shuttle thing :smiley:

Ignore my comment in here, was posted on the wrong thread.

neat, Aiwe, I’ve made note of you. Currently we have me, you, and 3, potentially 4, others, so I think the shuttle’s going ahead.