Reviving Diatribe


NZLARPS AGM season has seen the usual increase in traffic and posting here. But if you’ve just popped in to read the minutes and so on, why not stick around? Better yet, why not join the conversation here and post?

Communities are built by conversation. Its a virtuous cycle: posts = eyeballs, eyeballs = posts. That cycle has been going the wrong way for the past couple of years, and I’d like to change that. If you’d like to as well, then please join in, and start your next larp-related conversation here.


I have to say, there’s something about the style of conversation here that I find a bit more useful than Facebook. People are inclined to write for longer and more thoughtfully perhaps, in ways that might seem overkill on social media.


Different platforms are good for different things. Facebook is great for events and ephemera. Its not so great for longer posts, longer comments, or if you want to be able to find either again after a week.