Returning to LARPing- Where to start?


So I’ve been away from LARPs (and essentially from the RPG community as a whole) for years now.
Finally wanting to get back into it, and wondering where would be a good place to start? I’m Auckland based, and used to be part of Mordavia back when it was still running. Still have some boffer weapons and costumery sitting around somewhere!


There’s a list of upcoming events on the NZLARPS page here:

Musketeers looks like its full, Isles may have spaces, Exile hs spaces only for crew, and Saga hasn’t started registrations yet. There’s also 3 WoD monthlies happening in Auckland at the moment: Phoenix Rising, Werewolves of London, and Sabbat; Edge of Extinction.

The campaigns all have Facebook groups for chitchat and planning.


Thanks Savant!
I’ll check out the events and their related Campaign FB pages.
Would be good to get into costume and back amongst my own kind :grinning: