Rescheduled Rampage Event for 26th May


Southern Mordavia


“Orcs! Those fowl beasts are driving me mad” cried the Centurion “Not only have they ransacked every village in the area they are slaughtering the local Elves in droves, this whole area is on the edge of destabilizing into all out warfare thanks to their efforts”.

The Centurion calms down for a few minutes and thinks over the situation, he turns to his Optio “Send out patrols I want the cause of these beasts rampaging found and dealt a serious blow, they aren’t smart enough to mount these sorts of sustained attacks, and someone is behind it”.

The Optio bows his head and starts to head for the tents exit when he is stopped in his tracks by the Centurion “Optio…Tell the patrols they have my authority to call in the full strength of this Centuria for assistance, if things get out of hand” his Optio stands shocked for a second, nods and exits.

When: 1st April 2007 10:30am start

Where: Bottle Lake Forest Park, car park at the end of Bower Ave.

What to Bring: A drink, food, any costumes or weapons you may have

What to Wear: Natural colored clothing, boots or black sports shoes. Please avoid jeans at all costs.

Cost: A gold coin donation

Directions: Follow Bower Ave. to the end, in front of you, you will see Bottle Lake forest park, car park (asphalt) is on the left

Organiser Contact: Scottie – 027 341 6607 or