Remnants of inSanity - a child inclusive venue?

For larping parents to consider.

In consideration for Remnants (of hope) is whether or not we establish a certain area in play as a child friendly family village.

This would be a part of the game landscape, slightly removed from normal play (aka a noncombat zone), which would allow children of virtually any age to attend but under the constant vigil of their parent or guardian. It would also function as some of the semi IC camp areas for those who need some segregation from play at night.

The venue is not super family friendly but it is feasible if there are enough parents willing to populate it and to a large extent, govern it. This could include real life merchants and people interested in the event but in being somewhat removed.
We are somewhat limited in facilities (for now), so it would need definite support and may need to partially rely on self catering (the in game catering might be pushed for numbers already), as well as requiring it’s own toilets etc.

Given enough support, it could also have activities for children to under take, such as the WEE WARRIORS AND WIZARDS TRAINING SCHOOL as well as organised monster raids for them to fend off.
With careful preparation and nice IC tents, some cooking fires etc. we could add a nice wee settlement to the game.

So larping parents, would this help you? Partners and children would have discounted entry to cover facilities and venue cost, not too far above what crew might have to pay. Self catering or market based foods might even lower that further as it reduces the impact on game organisers. … 1_1280.jpg