Registration opens March 5th

We are happy to announce our intention to open registration for the first Embers game (to be held August 19-21) next Saturday - March 5th.

Registrations received between March 5th and March 12th will be counted as the initial pool for player selection, from which 30 players will be randomly selected (as demand has been high). Players selected will be informed; those who are not will be placed on a waitlist, and also informed by email.
We may open up more player spots in future if crew numbers reach the point where we can support it. If this happens the next people on the waitlist will be informed!

EDIT: Form here: … l9rEkVXLmU

Note the date changes - Embers registration is being delayed until Saturday March 5th, due to the number of larp events taking place this weekend. Registration will open at 10am.
Any changes to how player spot will be allocated will be posted before then.

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A statement on registration:
It was never our intention that registering for Embers should require being available within a narrow window or missing out. However, due to demand and player enthusiasm, that is how things were shaping up. For that reason we are changing our registration policy. Those who register any time between 10am Saturday 5th and 10am Saturday 12th will be placed in the initial player pool; from this pool we will randomly select 30 people to fill player spots. All others will be automatically put on a waitlist.
Yes, some people will still miss out, and yes, this may break up planned player groups. No, it won’t necessarily give spots to the people who want them the most, nor to the people who are most deserving. To achieve that we as GMs would have to make subjective judgements of who most deserves to play - something very coloured by our own friendships and experiences - and we would still inevitably be passing over people who would bring great things to our game given the chance.
We have tried to find a way to select players that is as neutral as possible. With this method potential players have no way to make themselves more likely to get a spot, nor do GMs have any influence over who ends up as players. It’s not ideal, but it is even-handed.

Please bear in mind that Embers was only ever conceived as a 30 player game. It is not intended to fulfil the needs of the entire Wellington (or New Zealand) larp community. It is not intended to restore some lost balance. It is not intended to ‘correct’ what someone else did differently. It is being run because two of us want to try some ideas and are ready to give something back to the community in the process. We are not, and should not be single (double) handedly responsible for the health and future of the community. We are only running our game.
We are willing to consider the viability of running Embers as a larger game, even though that is not how it was designed and could require some substantial re-working - but to do that, we will need your support.

Thank you,
Liz and Jaron (Embers GMs)

Registration for the first game, ‘Stirring the Ashes’, is open!
As previously announced, registration for the initial pool will be open for a week, after which we will select 30 players randomly from those who filled out the form. It does not matter when during that week you register.
Crew can register using the same form, so if you know you want to crew please go ahead and let us know (but crew spot are not limited).

Registration form: … l9rEkVXLmU

Facebook event for the game: