[Red Letter Day] Introductions

I gather there are a number of new characters coming to this game, so thought this might be a good place to find out who they are!

Well I should introduce my character then!

[i]Greetings wary soldiers, my name is Dahlia.
After many months of traveling from the Nordic region, myself and my friends have found our way to your camp where we wish to fight back the horde.
I hope my knowledge and skills of Medical care and chemistry can be useful aid to you all

Pas pa dig selv,
Dahlia E. Swanhilde [/i]

Hurrah, another medic! We can always use more. :smiley:

Time to introduce Mustapha I guess

[i] Fortuitous day to you all, Mustapha Fairfax-Dashwood at your service

Though I was born in Constantinople the Briton in my blood calls this land home. Hopefully we can give these demon scum a real whiff of grape and a taste of the square. Though I myself may not be able to fight with the best of them, hopefully I can inspire the weaker willed fellows with my words and aid our machinery to give it’s all.

M. Fairfax-Dashwood[/i]

Ah, excellent. Was in Constantinople recently. Didn’t really care for it, but maybe that was just the bar fight colouring my impression of the place.