Rebuilding the calendar

With things starting up again, its time to ask the obvious question: what games are people going to run? We’d done a bit of preliminary planning at the beginning of the year, but I’m assuming that everything has gone out the window. So what we have at the moment is:

  • August 1-2: Wellygeddon
  • September 12: Scandal & Society
  • November 6-8: Consequence 2

So, we need an event for early October (which could be marketed at Wellygeddon attendees), and maybe something for August (ConFusion, a small tabletop rpg con which can host larps, was pencilled in for the 14th, but is still in limbo, so maybe think about something on the 22nd?). December isn’t the greatest time to run larps, but I am tempted to offer Miss Maypole And The Christmas Pudding Affair, a fairly light-hearted xmas-themed murder mystery, on the weekend of December 5.


We’ve now sorted October:

The next good slot is the first weekend of December. If Check Larp arrives in time (and it may not - overseas mail is completely disrupted due to the pandemic) I may offer Moon (a Firefly larp). But if someone else wants to step up, please do so.