Really Cool Pervasive Not Alternate Reality 4 Million Player Larp (aka the Election)


Hi guys,

This is checking in with you all about election matters because, like, it’s really important for eligible people to vote. There’s a whole lot of ethics in there around civic duty, but also - if you’re in a demographic that doesn’t turn out, politicians will not prioritise your concerns. And you are an important member of this country: you count, so make sure the Beehive knows it.

If you haven’t received a letter from the Electoral Commission yet, they don’t have you on the electoral roll, or you’ve moved. But that’s OK, because you can sign up right here:
Registration for this pervasive larp is really streamlined, it will take you about three minutes. If you have a RealMe id, you won’t even need to print, sign, or post anything (but you can if that’s easier.)

Game start is Saturday, 23 September. There’ll be game locations all over your home town: You can even get involved in a Play By Post Pre Game:
Again, this is really streamlined, your main job is thinking about who you’d like to see make decisions on your behalf.

Player Guide:

Seriously, this is a really exciting election, and governments can turn on just a few seats (and votes), so please get out there on the day.



Also go here for handy policy breakdowns by category (e.g. look at all party policies around education). You can save your favourite policies and it makes you a graph based on your choices that tells you which parties align with your interests the most. Informed voters!


I have to say, the rules for this seem really elegant. I’ve seen far more rules-heavy versions overseas, and they look appalling. Its like they actually want it to be easy to play or something.


Vote early and often!


Advance play starts on Monday, and apparently you can do signup and character creation there on the spot! There’s an advance play guide here:


But there are always some die hards who prefer the first edition rules


There’s a guide to those in part 2 here: