Rationalizing My Costume Box: The Larp


Hi All,

I’m cleaning out my wardrobe (so I can shut the door) and some of the things I want to recycle are very larpy. Is anyone interested?

Sizes run small to medium, some loose tops and robes, at least one pretty dress (late Victorian, pink). Can supply photos (if there’s interest).

Will be donating anything unwanted to the local vintage sale in two weeks.




I don’t think anything would fit me :slight_smile:

The vintage sale is in two weeks? Or are you donating for next year?


No deadline but my own patience. Taking a bag of Stuff round to donate is
very easy. Organising delivery and taking photos and waiting for people to
reply… takes a bit more effort. Shrug If people have an interest I’ll
make that effort, I’m just not going to wait forever.


I’m interesting in any smaller size things you have - anything like robes. Also that late Victorian dress sounds interesting!


Yes! Would it be possible to have a look at what you’ve got? I’m based in Wellington so I could probably come to you.


Hi Reanna - i live in Palmerston North, so a visit might be awkward, but if its not you’re quite welcome.

I’ll put up some pictures, if I can work out how to host them. Hang on…


Ah no, that’s too far away for just a visit - the car situation hasn’t changed (yet). Sorry. ;(

Looking forward to the pictures, though!


I might be able to play courier if required.


Thanks, Malcolm, you’re a sweetheart.

(Pictures coming.)


Pictures hosted here: https://thelaithlyworm.tumblr.com/tagged/costume-giveaway

My lovelies, I find logistics actively unpleasant so I’m trying to keep things simple.

  • Everything’s grouped in Bag lots, which I won’t be breaking up;
  • If more than one person wants the same Bag, please work it out between yourselves and get back to me;
  • If it needs posting, instead of pickup, I need the cost of mailing in advance;
  • If you only want an item to break down for parts, please don’t tell me that. :wink:
  • Anything unwanted by June 11 will be donated to a local op-shop.
  • Sizing is around 12-14

And I hope people find something they like. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Cat.


Thanks Malcolm, much appreciated!

I’d be interested in bag 4 if it’s still available.


Bag 4 to the pretty lady!


I honestly don’t think I’ve seen some of this stuff before… :wink:


Some of it I picked up on an off chance that never came. Kinda sad, really.


Thanks! Let me ge my bearings and then we can sort out how I can get to it.


If you’ll be at Davy Jones’ Locker next weekend I can get it to you.


I’m not playing in that but that’d be ideal, actually. I’ll meet you there. (And thanks for acting as the postal service!)


Everything unwanted is disappearing in two days. shrug


Hey, just wondering what’s still available :slight_smile:


Bag 4 is taken, everything else is still looking for a good home. :slight_smile: