Quest Waikato - Rules and Stuff

Quest Waikato at the moment is using Quest 4.0 rules. Feel free to contact me for more information on this.

Quest is directly inspired by First Edition AD&D and Palladium and is designed to recreate the feel of these games. The game gives the feeling of a typical dungeon crawl where good fights evil, with little moral ambiguity and a very large sword.

It is a boffer system and weapons in Quest must be approved and suitable for LRP use. Several types of weapons are not allowed, even if they are allowed in other groups.

Any sword with metal in front of the cross piece.
Any other weapon with metal in it. (Tin foil may be exempt)
Wooden shields
Fibreglass core/latex weapons.
Any practical bow

Due to earlier response
-Fibreglass core weapons are deemed unfit for Quest use because they are not suitable for thrusts and other combat techniques allowed under the Quest rules.
-Due to their unrealistic lightness they have a distinct speed advantage of other methods of weapon construction. To create a level playing field it is easier at this juncture to remove fibreglass core weapons than it is to change all the weapons.

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