Quest Waikato- Current Status

Currently Quest is Active

By the end of 2014 we plan to run six modules, a cave module and hold a tournament with combat, orcball and maybe a small war. 2015 is teh 25th anniversary of Quest Waikato and we plan to party like it is 999 (AD). More details to come.

This is an old school LRP that has been going since 1990. We still use boffer weapons ONLY. Also the level of costuming expected must meet the 100 meter rule. I.e. if players can figure out what you are at 100 meters range, that is good enough. The modules are also in the style of First Edition D&D. We are brave advebturers, not politicians. If you want a political game, join Masquerade. We like striding forth boldly with our swords ready to resolve whatever threats face our Kingdom.

Comments are accepted, but please post them on the comments thread. Thanks.