Quest Activities - 2013

Quest has had a small resurgence this year. In 2013 Quest Waikato has run five successful modules and introduced a campaign. Unfortunately we do not expect this resurgent to last, but it has been nice.

To come this year (as of 11/11/13) there will be one more module and one Festival to come. We are also slowly organising a cave module for next year. We may film this and post it on Youtube.

Happy Solstice everyone.

Cool to hear from you Alista, its been a while since we’ve had an update about Quest Waikato. :slight_smile: We can un-archive this forum if its still on-going, and you’re welcome to use Diatribe to advertise/discussions/help. Also the NZLarp websites - - has a Hamilton link, the new marketing committee members are in process of updating, so drop me a PM if I can help.

The only thing stopping this from lasting is us. If we want to continue larping and larping in Hamilton (rather than having to travel to Auckland every single time) then we continue running games.

It looks like it should run to 2015 at least. At the moment Quest has a committee. It makes a difference having help running LRPs. I had to do it several years all alone and that is wearying. I suspect i will be doing something in LRP until I die. After that it is not my problem.

We have two more events this year and then we are planning a cave module next year after June/July. The timing on this module is largely determined by when I finish my thesis

We now have a campaign going with several antagonists. That should keep you going for a decade or so. So happy adventures.