Publishing "My Bloody Valentine", credit where credit is due

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Hey there, I’m soon going to be publishing a horror game I ran at Fright Night a while back, My Bloody Valentine.

I would like to credit my original players for their presence in the first run. It is entirely optional - but if you’d like your name or handle to appear in the published work, could you please reply to the e-mail I sent you, or drop me a line in this thread?

Thank you very much.

And thank you for a memorable game.



And this just went live… … -Valentine … for the grand old price of Pay What You Want, if any gentle-larpers would like a squiz.

I’m not kidding about spoilers - if you think you might be a player, don’t read past the preview.

Reviews and stars are always very welcome. (If you didn’t like it, it’s fine to rate it low; we have to learn somehow.)

Cheers all,