PSA: Where to find a defibrillator near your larp

In the backstage version of her to-do list post, Mel asked whether NZLARPS needed to look at getting a portable defibrillator:

Do we want a portable defibrillator? I’m told by people who know these things that minutes count in situations where they are applicable, and I can’t remember the last time I went to a larp weekend closer than 20 minutes to an ambulance station:

The following posts have been moved from that discussion. TL;DR: there’s a site which will tell you where the nearest one is.

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FYI: the Red Cross rents out the Powerheart G3 for a Weekly Rental of $150+GST

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Some venues have them as well. We should at least assemble information on which venues have them on-site, and regions can then assess the economic case for buying or renting to cover any gaps.

Here’s a map:

There’s also a phone app that will locate the closest, but that won’t help in some more remote locations.

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Useful. So for Wellington, there’s one at Brookfields, one at Brooklyn Community Centre, and one over the road from Petone Community House. Vogelmorn Hall is the only regular venue which lacks one.

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Well that’s a worry largely gone for Wellington. Yay!

Looks like there’s one two minutes sprint down the road from the Musketeers venue, and a bunch at Piha for Saga (though I don’t know the area to know spread out Piha is).

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