Proposal: LARP Writing Workshop

I would like to hold a get together where people can come and work on LARPs that they are writing, or ideas they would like to turn into LARPs. It would be held over one day, and there would be no obligation to stay for the whole day, it would be a drop in, drop out type event where you can show up whenever you want for as long as you feel like.

While it would be really nice to have a public event where we have people writing LARPs somewhere (maybe at UC), I am unsure how much of a market we would have for it at this stage (or if it’s worth the time and effort it would take to sort out a room, and everything else).

So I was thinking, to start with, I could organise a private day event at my house where people can come and write if they want. Still probably a gold coin donation to cover tea/coffee/hot chocolate and snacks, but for a smaller group of people. It would have to be a private, invite only event as I am not hugely comfortable making an event in my house open to the public.

I have enough space for probably up to 10 people writing spread across a couple of tables, couches and lazy-boys. There’s a kitchen so people can bring lunch/dinner and heat it up, and a couple of decent take away shops, and a supermarket nearby they can buy food from if they want.

I would see if I can borrow SAGA’s urn so we have a reasonable amount of hot water. And I currently do not have any ideas for a date, but I think this might be easier to achieve than trying to book a room at uni, or find an alternative location at this point. I’m happy to hear other suggestions though.


Excellent idea. We’ve done a couple of these in Wellington (as well as some full weekends in the past), and they’ve at lest got people to write stuff (even if the thing we started writing on the day to impart the skills didn’t necessarily get finished).

If you’re after easy resources for beginners to learn, I piled some of them up here: