Projects on Diatribe

Can we have a stickied, locked topic in NZL forum, which has the info of the current NZL projects.

For each -
email contact
Diatribe forum link
web page for the game and/or rules
facebook group

Keeping it simple, and not duplicating changeable info like next game date, just as a linkable base - its up to GM to keep their info up to date.

I’m not entirely sure what are the current projects, so this would be a quick way for anyone to find out.

We should update that information on the NZLARPS website as a first priority.

I can see how it would be nice to have this information readily available on Diatribe as well, because it’s used more than the society website. That will involve maintaining it in multiple places though.

I wonder about only listing projects. On the website we list associates as well, and Diatribe hosts forums for completely independent games. In Wellington, a lot of big larps aren’t projects, even though they have society support. The distinction is vaguer there than in Auckland. This idea seems like an effort to promote larps by making their details easier to find. However, I think the society’s goal is to promote all games, not just “our” games.

Can we clarify what our current projects are around the country? All input welcome.

Exactly my point. I don’t know and want a list somewhere so I can find out.

Fates Unbound - Kerry’s O.W.O.D. changeling game
Friday Night Larps?
Dreams in the Witchhouse - was, is finished this season now. Do they still remain as a project cos they are planning something in 2015?

1001 Nights is not
Jade Empire is not
Nightmare Circle is not (?)
The Duchy of Flint Changeling (N.W.O.D) is not

The NZLARPS home page has a list of projects on the right side, it’s just not fully up to date:

I think the only extra one it has beyond your list is Chrono Continuum.

Finally worked out how to edit the NZLARPS website list and added Crucible to the sidebar. It should probably get a banner sometime.