Pre-Hydra TV watchlist

So, with so many larps inspired by TV shows, I’ve been told to put together a list of TV to watch to set the mood. Currently I’m thinking of an episode each of:

  • Bewitched (for Spellbound)
  • I, Claudius (for Justice and Nemesis)
  • Black Sails (for Blackened Hearts). Or should it be Pirates of the Caribbean?
  • Downton Abbey (for Longmuir Hall). Probably the pilot episode is good for this.
  • Babylon 5 (for A Night in Babylon). This larp has a specific date, corresponding with a gap in he timeline between “A Race Through Dark Places” (Besest episode) and “The Coming of Shadows”)
  • House of Cards (for House of Wild Cards. But what episode?)

Anyone else doing any pre-Hydra media prep to set the mood?