Potential Character - Brain storm pit


SO, since it’s great to be part of a group etc, have backgrounds & what not, then why not have a thread to discuss.

I’m bored at work, and rather than going postal, I’ll dive into my imagination. Weeeeee /splash

I’m planning on playing a wanderer, chased out of an Arc for undisclosed reasons, wandering from my “home” looking for another location.
If you are out in the wilderness, I’d be keen to “run accross you” - either in a good/bad/neutral kind of way.


This thread is an excellent idea!

My current embryonic idea is of an Arc citizen employed in security (a good enough excuse to have futuristic armour) undergoing an internal moral conflict about the things he’s done, or has been asked to do recently.

Tazzy; if you like, I could be looking for you for “undisclosed reasons” :smiley:


I like this !!

I have a few things bouncing around, but would love to have someone looking for me.
Once I have something narrowed down I’ll drop you a PM



I’m looking at a Savage I think, having left her tribe for unknown reasons (possibly because she “got sick of the food”), but still with the survivalist, anti-tech, mild distrust-of-the-Arc-people mentality. Not sure how this might fit in; maybe she might have family who were/are in the arcs, maybe she’s looking for another town/community to settle with. Toying with her having basic medical skills (in a survival sense), which might be useful in trading.


I’m planning on playing someone from an Arc who’s currently busy running undisclosed errands that require her to be out in the wilderness, but who is planning to return at some point in the future. :smiley:


Townie blacksmith. Wasn’t born in this town but has been here long enough, and been stable enough that the suspicion that (probably) surrounds outsiders has begun to dim. Visitors most likely wouldn’t even realise she’s not a local.


Loving the ideas so far. If you want to start sending character ideas through then please do so to theworldthatis@gmail.com.


It seems like there is a lot of lawless laziness here, when you could be much more efficient with a bit of discipline. To help Samantha and I will be playing Militia, here to look out for you all.




I take it you’ll be collecting “taxes” in graditude for your protection?


These guns and weapons, glares and bitchy personalities don’t pay for themselves you know.


I won’t be at the first game, so will hold off any connections for now.


I think i have two options. Militia or crew :slight_smile:


I’m looking at playing a savage leader from a tribe of amazonian matriarchal women. Not too sure on all the specifics but that’s what I have thus far… Possibly off to hunt for a cure to a sickness the men of her tribe have…


Come join Scott and me in that Militia.


Both seem like good choices… or of course you could always be Militia AND crew


Both seem like good choices… or of course you could always be Militia AND crew[/quote]

The rival militia wanting to bust in on the current militia’s turf could easily be a thing.


Militia versus militia could turn pretty ugly pretty fast. I’ve watched way too much Revolution which means to me the Militia are like Lords, rather than like Bandits.

I have way too many character ideas. Here are my basic inspirations;
~a forest dwelling rogue (Robin Hood)
~a wandering bounty hunter with an iron cold heart (Boba Fett)
~someone powerful that wants to get revenge on the person that ruined their life no matter the cost (the Evil Queen in any number of fairy tales)
~a man in hiding from the militia he helped create (Miles Matheson - Revolution)
~a genetically engineered perfect human on the run from the father that created them (Miranda Lawson - Mass Effect)\

So I’m kind of nowhere because it’s hard to know what the game needs and which I would enjoy playing the most.

The one thing I could say for sure is that I would like a pre-militia background. So it would be cool to chat to some others who were thinking Militia and seeing if we could work some backstory together.

The other question I have is really about villains. Do we want players taking on those roles or are they best served as Crew.


Currently plotting a courier with a mysterious black box. He needs a brother character, but I’m asking around people that I think I’d like to play a familial-adversarial plot with.

“Castor and Pollux - the stars of the courier industry!”


So I’m probably looking at playing the Townie surgeon, one who comes from a long line of Townies who passed on their skills through the family business. He’s also known as the negotiator, the man in the middle who talks trade with other towns or even between visiting groups since he seems to have no ulterior motives other than improving humanities hopes in the long run. Someone who would rather everyone put down their guns and talk like civilised folk. Real easy like.

I could see the PC’s Town as being a bit like an established PitStop/Inn - with specialised skills (medical, smithy, food, etc) that many others just don’t have. Makes it small, yet important - which may indicate just why there’s so many out of towners visiting all the time. Haven’t seen a lot of interest in playing Townies on the forum, so am keen to discuss with any others who might be of a similar bent.

An alternate PC concept would be an Arcologist kicked out because he wanted to experiment with MAD SCIENCE, and now seeks out wounded militia to attach AMAZING MARVELS OF TECHNOLOGY to. FOR SCIENCE!